Upcoming Stories

We have several stories and comic books in the pipeline.

Upcoming Comic books

Future Releases

We intend to continue releasing comic books and animations about undertold stories. With the success of the Sango comic book anthology and the general thirst and fervor for stories that are underepresented in pop culture we not only believe there is a thirst for these stories but also that they financially viable.

Please find below a list of title that will potentially be released by ComiclabX in the future.

  • The Boy From Africa.
  • The XX0-Numerals
  • Bunmi
  • Daughter of the Axe
  • The Double
  • ....and more to come.

Each comic book title will initally be released as single issues and will ultimately be compiled into volumes comprisiing of three single issues. None of the above titles are currently in production.
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