The Queen

A Comic book inspired by Africa's Greatest Queens.

The Queen


"The Queen" is an ode to all of Africa's great Queens. The comic book created by Ade Olumofin details the rise of Queen Raina - An accidental Queen of the fictional Kingdom of Mulumba.

When her father and brother are killed in battle against the legions of the fictional Kingdom of Europa, she has no choice but to take the reins of the throne and preserve her Kingdom against forces internal and external.

Queen Raina's story is inspired by the many great Queens that ruled Kingdoms of pre-colonial Africa. These women commanded armies of men that numbered in the thousands, controlled vast expanses of land and defended their Queendoms sometimes by leading organized armies into battle.

Find out how Queen Raina intends to rule her kingdom and preserve her place in history in a job that is traditionally hostile to women and forces them to dig deep as they hold onto the reins of power and protect their Queendoms against forces both internal and external. The story in this comic book will be released in six different issues and will be compiled into two separate volumes.

Release Date

The comic book is currently in production and will be released sometime in 2023. In the meantime, you can sign up to our email list for updates and news about the comic book.