Our Mission

To bring more undertold stories to life.

Who we are

Comiclabx - Home to undertold stories.Do you ever wish there were more stories from diverse arrays of cultures in your books, animations, movies, and games? In an article by Andrew Keshner, it was found that many kids of color don't see themselves in the books they read. ComiclabX is here to right this by looking into the histories of underrepresented groups and creating stories inspired by these groups. With the success of Marvel's Black Panther and two successful Kickstater campaigns for the Sango Comic book anthology, we are sure there is an appetite for stories from underrepresented groups and that they can be commercially viable.

Ade Olumofin is the founder of ComiclabXComiclabX is the brainchild of Ade Olumofin. After stumbling upon the above-mentioned article, he decided to write a comic book about one of the most famous figures in African mythology - Sàngó. With the subsequent success of that anthology, he decided to launch Comiclabx to bring more under-told stories to life. He has been making comic books since he was a kid and feels extremely lucky to be able to cast a spotlight on under-told stories. In his spare time, you will find him running the Danieles Kubuwaje Olumofin Foundation - A philanthropic foundation dedicated to his late Grandfather or indulging in travel and fitness.