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Battle Of The Orishas - Video Trailer 1

Video Trailer: Sango - How a Yoruba General Became a God-King

DragonCon Comic Book Convention: Telling Black Stories In Fantasy Realms

10 Things we Learned From Our Last kickstarter Campaign.

Releasing a comic book can be expensive endeavor. When you think about paying for an artist, inker, colorist, and letterer, the cost of putting together a comic book or graphic novel can quickly add up. It is always advisable to crowdfund your comic book project, as fans of your work will help you financially get your project off the ground. We have decided to put together Ten lessons we learned from executing our second Kickstarter campaign.

comic book conventions

How To Market Your Comic Books For Success.

So you have just finished writing and producing your comic book. You went through the hassle of crafting a fantastic story for your comic book and possibly hiring an artist, letterer, colorist, and cover designer to ensure you have the perfect product

comic book conventions

10 Comic Book Conventions To Attend In 2023.

Comic book conventions are a great way for fans to connect with their favorite artists, writers, and creators. With so many conventions, knowing which ones are the best to attend takes time and effort. This article will highlight the top ten comic book conventions to attend in 2023.....

8 Reasons Why Afro-Anime Will Take The Entertainment World By Storm.

Afro Anime is a sub-genre of anime and Japanese comic books (manga) that combines elements of traditional African culture with Japanese anime style. It typically features characters with dark skin tones, African hairstyles, and clothing that is inspired by African fashion....